Beckum Outdoors
Beckum Outdoors offers Handmade flintlock guns as well as instructional videos on fishing, hunting, and more

Brian and Thad's interest in the Outdoors! Their attitude toward using primitive gun & bow reflects their deep concern for fair chase and great respect for all fish and animals. They have been in many newspaper articles, magazines and television plus doing seminars, lectures and demonstrations on their subject of expertise!

Thad, Brian and Rina Beckum live in Southeast Georgia on Ebenezer Creek, a tributary of the Savannah River and an Old Growth Swamp with 1000 year old cypress & tupelo in the area! We live here to be close to the woods and water which we love.

Is there a forgotten way to make a white wood bow that can rival and even surpass the performance of modern longbows and recurves? Join Keith Shannon, Billy Berger and Thad Beckum as they explore a rediscovered bow making technique that will rewrite what we thought we knew about making white wood bows.

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